2-Phase Expression Technology in Medela Breast Pumps

Salam Mommies,

Do you know that Medela Freestyle has 2-Phase Expression Technology? So, what is 2-Phase Expression Technology?? Can anyone tell mommy what is that? If you can get the right answer mommy will give you a big colourful round candy. =P

Okay then, let's talk about this so called 2-Phase Expression Technology. Most Breast Pumps from Medela such as Medela Freestyle, Medela Harmony, Medela Swing and Pump In Style (PISA) are using 2-Phase Expression Technlogy except Medela Mini Electric. This 2-Phase Expression technology is about stimulation dan expression which is mimicing the baby suction at the breasts. I am sure all the breastfeeding moms know how your baby sucks your breasts and for those who haven't experience this let's continue reading this. =)

When a baby is latching on the breast, the baby will at first suck the breast in a fast pace or rythm. After a few fast suctions, then moms will feel the reflex down which means that a lot of milk is flowing down from the breast to Areola. At this time, the baby only sucks the breast in a slow pace or rythm in order to fully suck the milk in the deep suction. When the mother hears the baby swallows the milk, it shows that the baby is getting a lot of milk.

With this 2-Phase Expression technology, the pump will start with the stimulation phase in the fast pace or rythm within the first 2 minutes. Afterthat, it changes to expression phase where the pump expresses the milk in a slow pace or rythm. To control the level of stimulation and expression in order to get required comfort, you can press button - and +. When you are at the expression phase you can go back to the stimulation phase by pressing the let down button (the drop milk button) for 3 seconds. Hope everyone will understand with my explanation about 2-Phase Expression Technology. Sorry for any unclear massage written but you don't kave to worry as you can always check for more detail in Medela Website.  =)

adios xoxo

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