Medela VS Avent

Assalamualaikum semua,

Mommy nak tanya ibu-ibu menyusu kat luar sana camna ibu-ibu pilih breastpump yang sesuai? Adakah based on brands, performances or prices? Kalau based on brand mommy rasa Medela or Avent yang paling popular dalam dunia breastfeeding mommies kan kan? Kalau based on performances which one is better? Medela or Avent? Selagi tak guna takkan tau. Betol x? And one more thing kalau nak compare betol-betol kena guna dua2 brands sekalilah.hiii.. Jenuh plak nak menabungkan.hihu.. Lastly kalau based on prices, both brands have almost the same price depending on their features right?

Jadi yang mana pilihan ibu-ibu or bakal-bakal ibu kat luar sana??!

Mommy dulu masa pregnant memang sampai rambang mata buat research online on every breastpump. Baca review sana sini, baca forum sana sini, baca komen sana sini, semuanya pasal breastpump yang bagus. Apa yang mommy dapat simpulkan it's all about your PREFERENCES atau minat kita. Before pregnant mommy memang dok berkenan dengan Avent breastpump Avent Electric Double Pump or  Avent IQ ISIS Duo Breastpup , mmg jadi top of the list dalam list 'Things to buy before delivering baby', then alih-alih berkenan plak kat medela breastpump because jatuh cinta kat Medela Freestyle punya handsfree equipment. Kononnya untuk memudahkan proses mengepam susu walaupon sibuk dengan kerja lain. Akhirnya beli juga Medela Freestyle walaupon dalam hati still tertanya-tanya macamana keadaannya kalau guna Avent Double Pump.

Walau pon  mommy tak dapat nak guna Avent Double Pump merasa juga Mommy merasa Avent Manual Breastpump (tu pon nasib baik taukey sponsor, merasa jugak mommy =P). But both pumps have different capabilities so kalau nak compare macam tak adil. Macam kita compare burung pipit dengan burung enggan.hehe..

Kadang-kadang mommy mati kutu bila ada ibu-ibu or bakal-bakal ibu especially tanya breastpump mana yang bagus. Medela atau Avent.?Mommy pon taktau nak respon macamana. Bagi pendapat mommy, again it's all about your preferences. Breastpump yang dicari tu mesti memenuhi ciri 3K nih.

---> Adakah anda ingin pam susu sekadar untuk mengeluarkan susu untuk mengelakkan bengkak breast or untuk stock up susu? Perlu guna yang single pump or double pump ke? Perlu guna manual pump or electric pump ke? So everyrhing is based on your lifestyle. Kadang-kadang ibu-ibu berkerjaya yang busy bekerja mesti nak pump yang portable (mudah di bawa ke sana sini), jimatkan masa (contohnya, pump 15 minit pon dah dapat 10oz). Berlainan pula dengan ibu yang tidak bekerja, mungkin kerana anak dapat direct feeding selalu pump hanya diperlukan untuk sustain or maintain milk production. Bagi ibu yang selalu direct feeding pon memang digalakkan untuk pump untuk kosongkan breast supaya susu dapat dihasilkan dengan lebih banyak.

---> Kemampuan dari segi harga. Contohnya, beli pump yang mampu dimiliki, tapi mommy advise kepada bakal-bakal ibu, kalau betul-betul determine untuk exclusively breastfeed baby kena buat persediaan awal iaitu menabung.. jadi dapatlah pump yang diminati. Betul tak? =)

Finally based on

---> Keyakinan pada pump yang dibeli dan yang ingin dibeli. Lepas dah buat research berbulan-bulan, kita kena yakin dengan breastpump pilihan kita dan yakin dengan keputusan kita untuk memberi yang terbaik kepada anak-anak kita. Betul tak? Kena layan pump baik-baik nanti pump pon taknak bekerja keras pam susu untuk kita.he he he =P


  1. so.. kesimpulannye medela ke avent yang lebih baik... huu.. citer tergantung ni...

  2. Not many have the privilage to try both Avent Duo and Medela Freestyle, but most are torn when choosing either one. Hoe this review could be helpful for those trying to decide.

    I would give FS 4/5 star lah.. not 5/5. It can’t be THE pump yet..
    1. Suction – the primary reason a person would have a pump is to get the milk out right? So in terms of suction FS is just ok. Not a strong as Avent Duo even at level 9 setting. Having been used with Avent, I am so used to the flexibility of Duo’s pump. Anda boleh adjust speed and suction strength precisely as you want it to be. Basically, it is as flexible as a manual pump, coz you pump manually 3-4 times and the Duo learns from you, touch the control button then it went auto pilot pumping exactly as you did. With FS, this feature is not available, so ia adalah sekaku electric pump yang lain.
    2. Efficiency – no 2 reason people buy double electric pump is to get the milk out quickly. To me, how fast you can get the milk out depends on how fast you can get the let down reflex, and how many times you can get it when you are pumping. With Avent Duo, since the suction is so flexible I can put it to the suction most comfortable to get let down use single pump and I used my finger on the other B to stimulate let down, I do get let down much faster and stronger. I can use both fingers to get let down reflex too when I use FS, but that defeats the whole purpose of its 2 phase technology right? Plus, I tried pump handsfree (the main reason I purchased FS), it seems that while yes, you can multitask (I pump while folding clothes) it is not very efficient because let down reflex is almost impossible when your mind is not relaxed. After 40 minutes, I only get 70% of the amount that I can get in 10 minutes relaxed (folding clothes is not that stressful : cant imagine pumping while chasing daughter to feed her – lagi tension, lagi susah nak let down) . I can get another 2 oz after that 40 minutes using Avent Duo (of course with another let down). When I am relaxed, I can pump the same amount within the same time using FS or Avent Duo. So I conclude, efficiency depends on your let down reflex and your own state of body and mind plays a more significant role than the pump. So multi tasking using FS (as advertised) is possible but may not be very efficient, unless you are the few who are blessed who can get let down reflex easily.

  3. 3. Effectiveness – I can’t seem to empty my B thoroughly using FS, even after the second let down. It is also quite difficult to do breast compression since the flanges are quite small compared to Avent. Avent flanges are larger and more comfortable (due to the petal cushion), hence compression technique is not painful.
    4. Mobility – this is FS main selling point. It is small, light weight and can be operated using battery. Which means you can pump almost anywhere. With Avent, it is big and bulky and requires power socket. So you are stuck to the wall while pumping. The ineffectiveness in emptying the breast is complimented by this mobility feature – since it is so easy to operate and mobile, you can pump more frequently, which is very good in establishing milk supply. I tried to pump for about 6-7 minutes every 1.5 hours last weekend and get app 3oz each session (I normally get about 5-6 oz every 3 hours) , it works fine for me. This also means that FS pump is very suitable to do “power pumping” over the weekend.
    5. Noise – while it is not silent, it is not annoyingly loud either. The noise of FS is comparable to Avent Duo. If you need to pump really silently, nothing can beat a manual pump.
    6. Handsfree – the kit they provide in the FS pack is a total joke. I pump hands free using my old tummy wrap which I cut 2 holes. It works fine. As long as the bottle is less than ¾ full, I can move around pretty easily. Tried pumping while driving and it works fine too. Totally discreet, but again, when your mind is not totally relaxed, let down is quite difficult to obtain. Nevertheless, i managed to reach office, not feeling awfully full and need to rush to the nursing room immediately. (not good a very good image to the boss lah kan?). I cant compare avent because Avent don’t have this handsfree tech. While I can possible create a handsfree kit for Avent (just stick the flanges in the tummy wrap), I still cant be mobile since it requires power plug. Perhaps if you are thinking about doing work at a fixed place which has a power plug (eg at a workstation while working with a laptop) then maybe it can. I thought about trying to “handsfree” Avent Uno, but I suppose it would be a bit difficult because the motor is at the handle at it is quite huge and heavy to be hanging on the tummy wrap.

  4. mohon maaf lah tuan rumah, terkomen panjang lebar... but i suppose as a seller you may find this info useful when your buyer is trying to decide to buy either one.

  5. Kalau based on brand mommy rasa Medela or Avent yang paling popular ...



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