Medela Swing UK vs Medela Swing USA

Medela Swing UK vs Medela Swing USA

Assalamualaikum people,

It has been a long time since I wrote here for some infos on breastpumps. Since many people questioned me the differences between Medela Swing UK and Medela Swing USA, here I come....

Actually when we started selling swing, they were all from UK. So it does not have any problem to fit with the Malaysian power voltage (240Volt) as well as the plug (3 pins plug). The UK swing is completely compatible with  Malaysian voltage and plug. However, we did have problem to maintain the stocks as the supplier from UK also did not have much stocks. Therefore, we tried to get some stocks from US even though from the beginning we did not really keen on selling the USA swing (110Volt use with 2 pins plug) since the customers have to change it to the Malaysian compatible power adapter to suit with Malaysian power voltage.

But when I looked through in the internet, I found many breastfeeding mothers are using swing along with the compatible adapter. So I thought it does not really matter to use the adapter as long as I am able to provide one to make everyone's job easier.

Therefore, for the USA Swing, I will provide you with the Malaysian compatible power adapter which will suit with the Malaysian plug and power voltage. 

In the beginning I have two choices of the compatible power adapters. 

......At first I wanted to stick the Medela Swing adapter with the Malaysian voltage converter . But I tell you it will burden you a little bit as you have to carry extra tool and it is quite heavy to carry when you stick them together.

.......And that is why I opt to the next option which is Malaysian compatible power adapter. You can keep the Medela Swing charger nicely and neatly in the package. But do not throw it away as you might want to use it like the first option.. =)

So the US swing customers will get this    

                       and this                          .

The price for both USA Swing and Malaysian compatible power adapter is RM610 + RM 20 Pos Laju.
That's all from me. Thankies! =) 


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