Promotion for Members!! RM10 off for ANY Medela and Avent breastpumps!

Salam to all wonderful and beautiful mommies out there,

As stated at the above title, we are having a great promotion for moms who are planning to buy breast pumps from this blog. You are entitled to get discount which is RM10 when purchasing ANY Medela or Avent Breast Pumps after you become the member of this blog and fan to our Facebook fanpage.

Therefore, in order to get this irresistible promotion...

First... you have to sign up as a members by clicking the 'Join this site' button.

Second... you have to click the 'Like' button as shown at the picture below.

By clicking at these two buttons will enable you to get RM10 less for any purchasing of Medela and Avent Breast Pumps. There will be no harm to click these two buttons infact you will get discount from us =P. It is a great deal aite? So please HURRY...

Many thanks to those who have already signed up as members and clicked the 'Like' button. Feel free to visit susuibu2u fanpage =)


  1. Hi Mommy,

    Saya berminat nak beli Avent Manual do i proceed about doing it? Total price (+ postage - promotion)? CIMB Account No.?

    Thank you.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi poprypin,

    Mommy still has stock for avent manual breast pump. The total is RM 189 including shipping, but if you are a member the total is RM179 including shipping. If you are interested to buy it please deposit money to Mommy's account. For further detail please contact Mommy through email (} or sms (016-4114421} to get cimb account number. Thank you.

  4. salam...

    sy tgh survey bp medela swing. so far harga awak agak murah.
    nak tanya medela swing yg awak jual ada warranty x? special price brp? :D thanks.

  5. Salam puan, warranty untuk medela swing hanya 1 bulan untuk factory defect + motor. Speial price hanya untuk member. sebab puan dah jadi member kami bagi diskaun rm10 =) Medela swing nih from UK, jadi puan jimat sbb takyah beli power converter. Kalau from USA kena beli power converter. tq

  6. medela harmony kalau order skrg bile boleh buat penghantaran?

  7. salam yatie, kalau yatie beli, saya akan pos hari selasa 27/12/2011 sebab saya skrg ada kat kampung dan saya akan balik pada hari isnin 26/12/2011.



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